"Serenity gives you the right tools and knowledge to help you live a sober and happy life.  I have found their idea of cognitive therapy versus the 12 step program has helped me to learn a lot more about myself and what matters to me in life."  Anonymous

"I feel Serenity is an open and positive environment and the staff here genuinely care about people."  M.H.

"A very helpful, insightful, and enjoyable class."  T.M.

"The environment is very comforting, you never feel as though you have to be ashamed."  Anonymous 

"Rational Sobriety keeps me thinking clean and sober with no pressure."  Anonymous 

"Best treatment center I've been in...."  Anonymous 

"The staff at this treatment center are very caring and real."  Anonymous 

"Very educational!!!"  Anonymous  

"I found the entire staff at Serenity Counseling to be very professional and discreet.  Everyone has made me feel comfortable since the first day."  Anonymous



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