"Just because someone stumbles and loses their way,

doesn't mean they are lost forever"

Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart)

Coming to terms with a substance abuse problem can be overwhelming at times.  A person may be involved with the criminal justice system, have problems at work, or with his or her family members.  A person can become angry, lost, depressed, and uncertain about how things will turn out for them from one day to the next.
Regardless of whether the problems stem from a person’s use of alcohol, marijuana, opiates, or other substances, legal or illegal, prescribed or not prescribed, the overall impact on a person’s life can be just as challenging.
The clinical staff members at Serenity Counseling Services have many years experience in a variety of capacities in supporting others. 
We believe:

  • There is no such thing as a lost cause.  All people are redeemable, and worthy of our respect, care, and concern.  As long as they are still breathing, there is hope and opportunity.  We have seen persons come back from the brink of loss, trauma, and despair to establish and maintain a rewarding life path.
  • Every single contact we have with the person or persons providing service to that person is a window of opportunity for us to assist them in coming to terms their substance use issues.
  • Every single person we see during the course of our work has the potential of coming to terms their substance use issues, regardless of their history, prior relapse behavior, mental health, or environment.

We welcome any opportunity to be of service to you, and to support you in coming to terms with your substance use issues.


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